Tyga Offers Us Evidence That The World Has Gone Totally Insane

Apr 28th, 2008 // 8 Comments

There’s a lot to try to get your head around with the first single from Decaydance signing Tyga.

1. Tyga is Travis McCoy’s cousin. Somehow, that has become notable somehow, as if that factoid implies some sort of talent or skill passed via genetic transfer.

2. The hook is taken from either the 1971 Harry Nilsson novelty song “Coconut”, or quite possibly, the Muppet Show cover. However, this does open the window for my rap album sampling TV commercial jingles I heard growing up in Tucson. The track “Lucky Wishbone, We Got Everything” is sure hit, by my ears.

3. Tyga’s album is a co-production of Pete Wentz’s more-successful-than-I’d-like-to-imagine vanity label Decaydance and Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. This business relationship is symbolized in the above video by a phone call between Wentz and Weezy, which is seen as comfortable and not at all awkward.

4. Pete Wentz mentions living in Encino. Were all the Mullholland mansions taken, Pete, or are you settling into family mode already?

Tyga [MySpace]

  1. Al Shipley

    Your first factoid implies that there was some sort of talent or skill to be transferred from McCoy to begin with.

  2. qyntellspitbull

    This video forever ruins limes, coconuts, and Nilsson for me. Hiphop too.

  3. Al Shipley

    @qyntellspitbull: And while we’re at it, tigers. Can’t stand ‘em anymore.

  4. Janelleyo

    Harsh crowd! The Tyga thing kind of cracks me up. Anyway, Travis does have some talent, so @Al Shipley: shush! But if any of you think you’re feeling the overpromotion of Tyga, think again, having Travis’, Pete’s, and several FBR and Decaydance blogs in my reader, I’m about to explode before I’ve heard one single bad lyric. I just know Tyga was a full on asshole on their tour, and got them (and my friends) in a lot of trouble. Let’s do it for the kids!

  5. bcapirigi

    i hope your rap album has a guest rapper periodically yelling out “we’re beatrice! we’re beatrice!” to get things going.

  6. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    I bet Pete was excited to do his best Principal Vernon impersonation and practiced saying “ruckus” several times.

  7. Anonymous

    Garbage and trrash!!!!


  8. Anonymous

    garbage and trash!!!!

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