Spitzer’s Siren Now Has Mika’s Manager

Apr 28th, 2008 // 1 Comment

ashley%20dupre.jpgAshley Dupre, the young escort whose “magic vagina” helped crash the career of Elliott Spitzer is now taking her less notable talents to record companies with a little help from manager Jerry Blair. Jerry Blair was Mariah Carey’s manager before Mimi’s Emancipation and has recently been running the career of Mika, a name that thankfully means a lot more in England than here. It’s not clear how successfully he’s been at pushing her wares, but I’m sure there are plenty of executives willing to give her a spin.

Two sources close to the situation confirmed that Blair had been representing Dupré to labels across town. However, they disagreed on the reception she received.

“Every label passed,” said one snitch.

But the second source said, “There has been quite a bit of interest. Whether it’s major labels or minor labels, either [her notoriety] dies out or it doesn’t. She should tell her story – a lot of people would relate to it.”

Oh sure, who wouldn’t relate? Everybody’s got a magic something.

Ashley Dupre CD deal may be tricky [NY Daily News]
The Cars – “Magic” video [Youtube]


  1. Anonymous

    Instead of payola, Blair can implement fuckola programs – let her screw major market radio programmers for adds…

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