Your Country Music Crime Update (Now With More Mindy McCready!)

Apr 29th, 2008 // 2 Comments

richardfagen.jpgThere are days where I want to stop writing about Vampire Weekend saying they’ve “paid [theiir] dues,” or Roger Waters’ lost inflatable pig, and just write about country music. Miranda Lambert had a benefit for her local humane society! Emmylou Harris was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame! I don’t actually enjoy country music, but its news just seems more interesting, and less likely to mysteriously appear on other blogs after being posted here. But my country-only project isn’t quite ready yet, and you can’t really hold a stabbing story until later. Plus, I’m not likely to get sick of hearing more Mindy McCready news anytime soon (or ever).

It’s probably bad form to wish for more stabbings in popular music, but they do make for more interesting news than Ashlee Simpson possibly being pregnant, no? Country music songwriter Richard Fagan cut the wrists of his roommate and business associate Gaetano Thomas Oteri (whose daughter is former Saturday Night Live cast member Cheri Oteri) in their Nashville home. Apparently, after a drunken argument, Fagen sliced both of Oteri’s wrists, made an unintelligible phone call to a friend, then drove around until he was picked up by the police. Fagen wrote several hits, including John Michael Montgomery’s 1995 number one single “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)”, which, since it’s a country song released in the mid-’90s, sucks.

Updating the meager amount of news in the Mindy McCready/Roger Clemens story, reporters chased down McCready at her home, and she might have confirmed the story to be true (quote: “I cannot refute anything in the story”), although I imagine there will be a tearful retraction/clarification in the near future. Tough break, Rocket, everyone was really pulling for you. McCready, on the other hand, has a new album in the works and a Breaking Bonaduce-style reality show coming soon.

Also, Tim McGraw was given his own flavor of Fritos as a reward for most likely staying faithful to his wife.

Father of ‘SNL’ star named as victim in Fagan murder case [The Tennessean]
Mindy McCready weeps as she confirms affair with Roger Clemens [New York Daily News]


  1. Anonymous

    I highly encourage more coverage of the white trash jet set, even if I consider “Sold” a classic of the genre. Further selections from the canon, anyone??

  2. Al Shipley

    Haha, yeah, I always liked “Sold” too.

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