MySpace Karaoke: A New Opportunity To Laugh At Others

myspacekaraoke.jpgSpammy social-networking site MySpace has rolled out MySpace Karaoke, which manages to be both slightly better and much worse than you might imagine. The upside: The song selection is good, including multiple Samantha Fox tracks. The downside: No apparent Mac support (to which Maura said “BOOOOO oh man i am PISSED” via IM). My first assumption was that MySpace’s entry into the karaoke ring was just another reason for loners to never leave the comforting glow of their monitors for the outside world. But the “record” feature allows us all to share in the singing-career delusions of others!

Yes, you can record yourself belting out karaoke jams (No. 1 right now: Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”) and allow the world to comment on and rate your performance. Why you would subject yourself to that possible deep humiliation, I have no idea, but the delusions of others are likely to beat out ghostridin’ clips on YouTube and become my favorite form of Internet entertainment.

Among my favorite performers is “The Karaoke Dude,” who turns in a stellar turn on a Poison classic:

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

“SB” makes one of my least favorite songs ever, “Indian Reservation,” come alive:

Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Tribe)

This is going to kill any spare time I have left, I just know it. Also, if you’re the MySpace sort, and would like to record your own take on a pop classic, drop the link in the comments for consideration for a future “Best of Idolator Karaoke” post, which would make my blogging career all worthwhile.

MySpace Karaoke []

  • bcapirigi

    i think it’s spelled s-s-s-s-samantha fox, actually.

  • moomintroll

    sweet, my dreams of doing a stirring rendition of “Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)” might be realized! Oh blurg! I have a Mac too.

  • Maura Johnston

    @moomintroll: you have no idea how crushed i was to find out that there was no mac support. especially with the s-s-s-s-samantha songs.

  • rogerniner

    Peeking around, looks like the selection is pretty meh for now. (no freakin’ bowie? Blurg is right!)
    but I did see that some of the songs were provided by Sunfly, who manufactures some decent “rare” karaoke tunes, and the provider of said un-loved naughty girl’s song selection, so I look forward to “This Monkeys Gone To Heaven” to show up hopefully soon

  • rogerniner

    I just found some SBI manufactured songs as well, so we might see some Justice “D.A.N.C.E” sneak in there, too.

  • Richaod

    Not taking part unless it has Never Gonna Give You Up… though I would settle for Wuthering Heights.

    But it’s not licensed for my region (Australia) yet, damnit! Oh well, losing all my dignity on the internet will have to wait.

  • moomintroll

    @Richaod: Oh wow, Wuthering Heights would be brilliant!
    Oh yeah, still have a mac.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused, there are still people who DO NOT have a mac?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, this is the guy (The Karaoke Dude) that recorded the Poison song. I was kinda shocked when I saw my name on your site as one your favorite singers. This song as was every other song I’ve recorded on Myspace Karaoke was done in one take. So, I’m suprised you liked that recording. I appreciate it. I guess I should re-record a few of them so someone might really like them. lol