“American Idol” Fix Exposed?

Apr 29th, 2008 // 2 Comments

paula.jpgPaula Abdul’s stupor may have pulled back the curtain on the plot to destroy Jason Castro tonight–it was the first night that the contestants sang two songs each, so they ran through all their initial performances, then came out to be judged at the end of the first half-hour. And Paula used this opportunity to tell Jason, who went first, that while she liked the use of his lower vocal register on “Forever In Blue Jeans,” his second song “felt like your usual charm was missing for me… it left me a little empty. The two songs made me feel like you’re not fighting hard enough to get into the top four.” But he only performed one song! Apparently those second-song comments were meant for David Cook–but then when Paula “recovered” to give Cookie her critique, he said that he was “fantastic,” and that the only problem with his performance was that the song wasn’t as well-known as other picks from the night. And the producers can’t figure out why the ratings are down this season? Between this and the fact that David Archuleta could have an on-stage vocal cord hemorrhage and still be called “the bomb” by Randy, I think any sentient being can know that there’s at least some sort of “desired outcome” that’s been communicated to the judges by Nigel Lythgoe’s camp.

  1. Anonymous

    @kimberlywq: Absolutely the show is scripted and I don’t think anybody would deny that. (Trust me. I’m still ticked off about Clay Aiken getting the shaft in S2 just because TPTB did not want another white winner and definitely did not want a possibly gay winner.) Former co-host Brian Dunkleman said in a recent interview that even as far back as the first season, TPTB would sit down with R/P/S after the dress rehearsals and go over the basic judging script for the week (e.g. no heavy criticism for Jason except from Paula so that casual viewers will think he MUST be bad because the “nice” judge couldn’t say anything nice). In S2, Josh Gracin bluntly told any interviewer who cared to listen after his elimination that the final 2 had been picked back during the semi-finals and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who the Chosen One was. S3 was so obviously scripted in favor of Fantasia that it turned a lot of viewers off; the finale was one of the lowest-rated episodes of that season.

    So, yeah, the judges come in with a general script for each episode, but it’s at least based in part on the rehearsal performances because even TPTB know that the comments have to at least SOUND like they relate to the actual performances or the jig is up. But Paula–either because of better living through chemistry or because she really IS that stupid–lost her place in the script and, for lack of a better phrase, delivered the wrong lines.

  2. Manola


    Most likely you are right that there is a lot of manipulation of votes, of outcomes, etc. But to give any credit to the allegations of meathead Josh Gracin is a little thick. It sounds like a serious case of sour grapes. But to top this off, to pretend that Fantasia was not a legit win is beyond ludicrous. I don’t know what you were hearing at home, but there’s never been a more unique and deserving Idol, ever.

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