50 Cent To Lil Wayne: Too Many Bad Sexual Metaphors Drive Listeners Away


50 Cent thinks that the path Lil Wayne is currently traveling down–while it may have led him to his first career No. 1 single–is a dangerous one, because it’s one that Curtis sees as similar to the path he traveled down in recent years. You may remember that era, when he released “Candy Shop” and “Amusement Park” back to back, only to see the latter greeted by yawns that were so loud, they pushed Curtis‘ release date back by months. So is 50 saying that “Lollipop” is a crummy song propped up by a persona that’s as calculated as the supplement list in a bottle of Vitamin Water, and that No. 1 lightning doesn’t strike twice on those sorts of combinations? As if! He’s under the impression that the masses rejected “Amusement Park” because it just gave the audience too much sexy after the lick-heavy metaphors of “Candy Shop”… and that people will do the same to Weezy’s next track from Tha Carter III if he isn’t careful.

“I was fascinated with the idea of creating content that was sexual from a male perspective that wasn’t obscene and vulgar in any way,” 50 told SOHH. “So, I went back to create ‘Amusement Park.’ The metaphor within ‘Amusement Park’ and being sexual [and] ‘Candy Shop’ and being sexual was too close.”

According to 50, the public could not accept another female record from him. “If that record came from someone else they would’ve accepted it like, ‘Lollipop,’ 50 says of Lil’ Wayne’s current smash single.

“Because it’s the first time that [Wayne is] doing it they go, ‘Ok, we like it?’ ‘Don’t we like it?’ ‘We like Wayne right?’ And they agree to do it but he won’t be able to do that again.”

I have no idea what that argument-with-the-self Curtis is having at the end there actually means, but I guess it’s nice that even in the face of commercial indifference dude still sort of believes in his “art.”

SOHH Exclusive: 50 Cent Warns Lil’ Wayne, No More “Lollipop” [SOHH]