Clay Is Not Aiken To Be Justin Timberlake, And He’s Succeeding


“I’m not trying to be Justin Timberlake. Thank God we have him, but I’m not him. … I’m not gonna bring anybody’s sexy back.” Oh, Clay. Even as you try to erase what fan base you have left with ever more horrifying haircuts, I’m sure there are a few people left who like to imagine the possibility of you showing up in their room wearing nothing but pointy shoes and a Keebler elf cap. Aiken’s new album, On My Way Here, comes out tomorrow and its chock-full of power ballads and powerless ballads that describe the struggle that is La Vida Clay. The struggle of a man who went from heartthrob David Cassidy to seething, diva-esque “fine, Broadway it is” David Cassidy In less than a decade.

“When I (did) the first album, I ain’t been through nothin’, you know? … But now I’ve gone through some crap, and I’ve gone through some good things, and I’ve started thinking, `Oh, wow, I know what that song’s saying, I’ve done that, I’ve experienced that, that’s happened to me,'” he mused in his Southern drawl.

Y’all know it’s true! He’s seen the best, he’s seen the worst, but he wouldn’t change what he’s been through. He’s touched the sky, he’s hit the wall, but he did what he had to do, ohhhhhhhhh.

Did you ever wonder what Lindsey Lohan would look like she changed her gender? After seeing Clay’s QVC performance above, do you wish you didn’t know?

Clay Aiken — “I’m not trying to be Justin Timberlake” [AP]Clay Aiken-New CD On My Way Here-Live Version [YouTube]