MTV UK’s “Ultimate 50 Popstars” Reveals Ocean-Sized McFly Appreciation Gap

May 6th, 2008 // 8 Comments

mcflyyyyy.jpgSometimes there are music-related lists that you come across that are so silly, and so obviously street-team-aided in their construction, that you just have to share them. (Especially on news days that have Tokio Hotel’s TRL debut as their “highlights,” ahem.) So behold MTV UK’s “Ultimate 50 Popstars” list, which was voted on by “the fans”–a surprising fact when you realize that both Jojo and Jessica Simpson apparently have big enough fanbases to have cracked its lower reaches. The list itself is an early-oughts-heavy grouping of pop kids from now (Leona Lewis (No. 27), Justin Timberlake (No. 4)) and then (Britney Spears (No. 1), TLC (No. 32), S Club 7 (No. 18)) that makes little sense, although it does allow U.S. readers to be reminded of the fact that they really do like McFly (No. 2! Seriously!) and Busted (No. 17) on the other side of the pond. And that they prefer the freaking Pussycat Dolls (No. 29) to the Sugababes (No. 36), a piece of trivia that should make any poptimist shudder. List after the jump.

50. Scissor Sisters
49. Jojo
48. Boyzone
47. Alicia Keys
46. Lily Allen
45. Enrique Iglesias
44. Blue
43. Kelly Rowland
42. Eminem
41. Maroon 5
40. Amy Winehouse
39. KT Tunstall
38. Black Eyed Peas
37. Destiny’s Child
36. Sugababes
35. Westlife
34. Nelly Furtado
33. Fall Out Boy
32. TLC
31. Jessica Simpson
30. Robbie Williams
29. Pussycat Dolls
28. Rihanna
27. Leona Lewis
26. Girls Aloud
25. Gwen Stefani
24. Chris Brown
23. Kylie Minogue
22. Beyonce
21. Five
20. James Blunt
19. N Sync
18. S Club 7
17. Busted
16. Mika
15. Take That
14. Pink
13. Jennifer Lopez
12. Madonna
11. Panic At The Disco
10. Avril Lavigne
9. My Chemical Romance
8. Backstreet Boys
7. Shakira
6. Christina Aguilera
5. Spice Girls
4. Justin Timberlake
3. Kelly Clarkson
2. McFly
1. Britney Spears

MTV Hits Viewers’ Ultimate 50 Popstars [MTV UK via ONTD]


  1. OJS

    Where’s “Now That’s What I Call Music” and Crazy Frog?

  2. Rob Murphy

    2ge+her wuz robbed!

  3. Maura Johnston

    @Rob Murphy: ahh, i love this song!!

  4. Artie Fufkin

    @OJS: CrazyFrog came in at #4 in the Top 50 Pop Amphibians.

  5. NickEddy

    Another crafty ploy, mentioning McFly to get me to comment about Jellyfish!

    Not this time!

  6. NickEddy


    #1 – The Geiko lizard covering “Don’t Break My Heart” by UB40

  7. Rob Murphy

    @Maura Johnston: Yes, truly a classic…

    As is this:

  8. Halfwit

    @Rob Murphy: I’d always written it off as an urban legend (well, Mtv legend), but apparently the “cute one” (with the terminal disease) actually HAD a terminal disease, and died pretty young.

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