Journey Not Taking Any Chances With “Revelation”


Ooh, fire. So lazy! I really wish they’d continued down whatever road led them to the cover of 1996’s Trial By Fire. It may not have been commercial, but it was art, damn it! No wonder Steve Perry left.

Revelation features a disc of re-recorded favorites (yes, “Seperate Ways” is on it) and a disc of new material. One of the songs on the new disc, “Faith In The Heartland,” was also on their 2005 album Generations. This inspirational number is probably “new to you,” though.

They want to believe something real Still they’re searching They’re keeping the faith in the heartland tonight Ooh, it’s words that divide them It’s love that defines them They’re keeping the faith in the heartland tonight

In our darkest hour, oh, we look to the sky With a silent prayer Believe that God’s on our side In a land where freedom rings And where eagles fly Ooh yeah, yeah

Maybe Obama could make this into a campaign theme to reclaim that “blue collar values” crowd.