Tokio Hotel: The Future Of Music, Whether You Like It Or Not

Watch this performance very closely, because it may contain clues as to what comes next in the “rock that sets the TRL contingent’s dialing digitals aflame” pantheon. German band Tokio Hotel, who Kate had a run-in with a few months back, made their American TV debut yesterday, and if anything, they’re instructive in the way that they’re something of a MySpacian melting pot, visually: the Shotgun Messiah haircare aesthetics on the lead singer, the laid-back Abercrombie-bro style exhibited by that other guy, and the dreads worn by the lead singer’s brother combine to turn the band’s visual profile into some sort of ragtag comic-book army. And their shyness in interviews should serve as some sort of camouflage for an unrelenting musical assault, right?

Well… not so much, unless you think dishwater-gray alt-rock is really ass-kicking and/or fun. Between the outre fashions and the “last half-hour of Headbanger’s Ball” name you’d think that Tokio Hotel would at least have some sort of King Diamond-like aural spectacle in their music, but alas. I guess these days sticking out because the way 25% of your band looks is more than enough to make the Internet go nuts.

Exclusive video: Tokio Hotel TRL performance [MTV Buzzworthy Blog]