Miley Cyrus Puts On Her Go-Go Boots

No, she’s not posting pictures of herself at an Austin Powers party to her MySpace page; the Disney cash cow performed a new song, “Break Out,” at KIIS-FM’s Wango Tango summerfest over the weekend, and it’s a glimmering bit of powerpop that seems to have been written in the style of Talk Show-era Go-Go’s. While it’s still hard for me to reconcile her cigs-and-whiskey voice with her tweeny age–and don’t even get me started on the line about her parents calling her lazy, given the way the curtain was pulled back on her quasi-Archuletan existence in recent weeks–the “oh, oh, ohs” on the chorus won me over near-instantaneously. I guess this sort of cross-generational pandering is how you bridge the gap between your current fanbase and its members’ parents? [YouTube]