Scooter Turns Assault On Ears Into British No. 1

May 13th, 2008 // 9 Comments

theydontlookliketheyrejumping.jpgIt’s been a tough chart week for Madonna. First, it looks like Neil Diamond’s new full-length is going to knock Hard Candy out of the top spot on the U.S. album chart. Then Scooter shoots past her new album on the British charts. Scooter? The German techno band that seemed to be on every lousy compilation for awhile? Yep.

“Jumping All Over The World” is nearly four minutes of music that you would imagine challenging someone to listen to on a dare, like a pop music rodeo, but maybe this is another step in the early ’90s dance revival I’ve been waiting for. As a nice bonus, their album Jumping All Over The World includes a bonus disc of the group’s greatest hits, so you can relieve this masterpiece:

Oh, Germany: So much good music, so little time.

Scooter Unseats Madonna On U.K. Album Chart [Billboard]

  1. Ned Raggett

    God, I was wondering why all the Scooter threads had been revived over on ILM…

  2. Tenno

    I hate to say that I like some of their stuff, but man oh man, that new dance craze sucks.

  3. BawstonSean

    “every minute, every hour, get the power, take a shower”

    Serious fuckin’ poetry. Scooter are the new Dylan.

  4. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Only if cheap, good-quality ecstasy comes back as well…otherwise kill it with fire.

  5. blobby

    Given that vid for the new song, I can only assume that they are trying to become the German Soulja Boy– a phrase that no sane person should ever have to type.

  6. el smrtmnky

    @Dick Laurent is dead.: what do you think they have over there?

  7. Courtney

    I love you you are the band it is amaizing

  8. Courtney

    big whop 4 your

  9. Courtney

    good 4 you

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