Yep, Kanye Might Be Going Completely Insane

May 13th, 2008 // 11 Comments

kanyelikesbasketball.jpgWe used to have daily “Britney=crazy!” news to fill the blogging day, but her time encamped in the psychiatric bunker has reduced the volume of her news output. I just want to take a second to thank Kanye West for picking up the slack. Crazed rants against Entertainment Weekly? Playing Connect Four with other celebrities? Rumored fights with collaborators? Thank you, Kanye, from the bottom of my bloggo heart.

This time, Kanye is rumored to have had it out with Lupe Fiasco, for stealing his rhymes or something:

Word on the curb is that Kanye West threw an epic temper tantrum at the Neptunes studio this weekend.

According to one lil birdie, here’s how it went down:

The Neptunes were working on a remix to their single “Everyone Nose” with a verse from Lupe Fiasco. All was going fine until Kanye enters and hears Lupe’s verse, which was all too similar to one he had spit not long ago. Ye lost it, accusing Lupe of stealing/finishing his verse — and that Lupe had the opportunity when he’d looked in Kanye’s rhyme book previously. Everyone in the crowded room was laughing, thinking it was a joke, but Ye continued on, basically causing a massive, Naomi-worthy row and P had to calm everything down.

We’re still fuzzy on how this was resolved but said source tells us all this hateration was part of the reason Lupe was in a rush to get his part of the concert over with yesterday.

While this incident almost seems banal as far as Kanye temper tantrums go, there’s a part of me that says we’re going to look back on these days and think, “That’s when it all started to go wrong for Kanye, wasn’t it?”

Post-show gossip [Hampton Roads]

  1. Chris N.

    OK, but there’s nothing crazy about Connect Four.

  2. Al Shipley

    fwiw, some video footage of that recording session is now online, although I can’t be bothered to watch and see if there’s any indication of the supposed fight therein: []

  3. Ned Raggett

    Tag of the year, BTW. I just dug up that video on YouTube the other day.

  4. dreamsneverend

    Aren’t all real artists a little nuts?

  5. silkyjumbo

    @Al Shipley: i just watched it and everybody seems to be digging it.

  6. twenty-four hour priapism

    Kanye gets all crazy when he has to step up the effort at repressing his homosexuality.

  7. Anonymous

    So basically he’s hip-hop’s answer to Axl Rose?

  8. Julio Allison

    Why would you steal a rhyme from Kanye?

  9. Anonymous

    @rainmkr: yes, but Kanye ain’t no realz.
    Kanye started going downhill as soon as he was signed.

  10. Anonymous

    people need rhymebooks?!?!?! How fucking stupid are they? Why not develop a vocabulary, or look it up in a dictionary.
    Of course, they’ll have to know how to read.

  11. Adam Bernard

    Message to Kanye – that was Lupe’s rhymebook… you probably thought it was yours because of how often you use it.

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