The High School Student, The Actress, Or The Bartender–Who’s Going Home From “Idol” Tonight?

numberthree.jpgIn which we try to predict whether or not Randy’s dubbing Syesha “No. 3″ of the final three American Idol contestants was some sort of astrological prediction written in the star-chart shirt he wore last night–or another piece of the mounting pile of evidence that the producers have been gaming the system for a David/David finale since the night Chikezie was eliminated. For anecdotal purposes, DialIdol ranks the hopefuls Cook-Archuleta-Mercado, while the top Idol-related search term on Google Trends is (ugh) “Switchfoot,” at No. 57. America: It can’t get enough of that post-millennial grunge! Vote after the jump.

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  • Rob Murphy

    It’s so sad…

    I thought Syesha was the best of the nite overall, tho I do agree with the judges that she made a bad strategic choice with her choice of “Fever”.

    Well, “bad strategic choice” unless she’s consciously specifically selling herself to Broadway producers, because if that’s the case, it was a brilliant strategic choice.

  • Al Shipley

    I’m ignoring reality and voting Archuleta out of wishful thinking.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @Al Shipley: Ditto. Total denial on my part.

  • Manola

    Syesha is an actress, a performer, and in choosing Fever she demonstrated exactly that. I didn’t get that crap from Paula complaining about “Who are you?”. Well, there you have it, that’s Syesha. This was in no way different to her performance of One Rock’n’Roll too Many.

  • kityglitr

    On technique alone, Syesha sang rings around the Davids last night. So it’s sad to see her shunted automatically to 3rd place in this fixed contest. She doesn’t forget her lyrics, she actually looks at her audience, and she can sing! Can we not give her credit for that? Hell, third place is not that bad… look at J Hud.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @kityglitr: look at J Hud

    Or look at Mindy Doo, who came in third just last year, is probably one of the 10 best (five best?) pure singer’s in the show’s history, and is now…advertising fast food?


    I mean, Syesha’s much more typically pretty and will do better than that, career-wise, but…

  • Chris Molanphy

    Please excuse that grocer’s apostrophe, above. [Grammarian’s full-body cringe]

  • CloudCarrier