Maroon 5 And Rihanna Sex-Stare At (Or Next To) Each Other

May 14th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Rihanna does her best to imitate Adam Levine’s frozen sex-stare in Maroon 5′s video for “If I Never See Your Face Again,” but you can’t pretend to be a homicidal maniac. Adam seems more comfortable eye-fucking the camera than her, but that’s because her eyes made him think about how much he’d love to wrap a phone cord around her neck while Phil Collins plays in the background and naturally it made him a little nervous. The song? It’s another nasty sex romp that will have Greg Dulli shooting ever more darts into an thoroughly punctured picture of Mr. Levine. “He gets Rihanna and Kanye, I get Marcy Mays and Mark Lanegan! Why did I have to peak in the ’90s!?! Argh, my groin!” [YouTube]

  1. Ned Raggett

    Wasn’t this album supposed to have sold eight million billion copies or the industry was going to die?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Ned Raggett: We’ve all seen how that worked out.

  3. Ned Raggett

    RIP, heaven needed, etc.

  4. dyfl

    Is there a Nobel Prize for stylists? If so, Rihanna’s should win it for that white-blazer look. I’m loving this whole “Whitney in the 80s but with better hairstyle choices” thing she has going on lately.

    Also, nice call on the AMERICAN PSYCHO thing, you nailed exactly why I find Maroon 5 so deeply unsatisfying. Do we think Levine broke into a sweat on IDOL when his Teleprompter told him FEED ME A STRAY CAT

  5. Al Shipley

    They don’t have much chemistry in the video, but that one shot of her hand on the neck of his guitar is kind of insanely hot. I’m just glad they finally released another decent single off this album after the last 2 duds, doesn’t totally work as a duet but Rihanna sounds better than usual on it.

  6. Macloserboy

    @Al Shipley: That’s the benefit of his reedy voice. Pretty much everyone sounds better next to it.

    @Al Shipley: Seriously. But it’s not like they had a lot to choose from on the album.

  7. Anonymous

    He sounds exactly like Leo Sayer…is it just me?

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