New Fuse Game Show To Bring Musicians And Groupies Together Through The Power Of Trivia

May 14th, 2008 // 3 Comments

datinggamelogo.jpgWhat was that discussion we were having yesterday about music videos being a profit sink for cable channels? I guess the higher-ups at Fuse, the Cablevision-run music network that’s been slipping further down the “incoherent programming” slope every day, have been engaging in similar discussions in their overdecorated offices, since a casting call for a “dating game show” went out from the network earlier this week. Unlike the vapid surfer-bunny types who populate Next and Parental Control, though, Fuse is keeping it real by making this game show sort of about musicians, music trivia, and “people who love musicians” who can also name at least one member of the Beatles! (Reading the casting notice makes me think that first names only are probably OK.) Details after the jump.

As it turns out, Fuse is looking for two types of people–musicians and groupies “people that love musicians!”

* Can you play an instrument, sing, scratch, or rap?
* Do you love all things music and are a master of music trivia?
* Have you ever dreamed of dating someone who worships musicians and people with musical talent?

We are looking for ALL types of musicians! As long as you can showcase it, we want to see it!

Hopefuls have to send in “a LINK to your music, a video of you playing or singing, a freestyle, or ANYTHING that proves you have musical talent”–and I guess said “talent” has to be within FCC guidelines. (I’d make a joke about the skin flute playing coming after the cameras stop here, but… oops.)

What qualities are they looking for in musician fans, you might ask?

* Do you adore musicians and love people with musical talent?
* Do you find yourself attracted to the emo-sensitive guy, or the blinged out rapper, or the pierced and tattooed metal head??!
* Have you ever wanted to date one of them?


“Emo-sensitive guy”? “Blinged-out rapper”? “Metal head” as two words? I wonder if the “prize” musicians will actually be life-sized carboard cutouts of caricatures–never mind that the “fabulous prizes” will probably wind up being tickets to shows at Madison Square Garden, since Fuse’s promotions department can get them for free anyway.

Fuse TV Looking For Reality Show Participants [Hoboken 411 via Buzzgrinder]

  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Dear Girls who want to be on this show,

    How much of an awful groupie do you have to be if you have to go on a TV show to find a dude who plays guitar?

    Seriously, just go to any club on Wednesday night, say hi to the bass player, and he’ll be buying you drinks all night.

    That being said, I’m totally available.


  2. Chris N.

    Thank goodness for this, because musicians and groupies have always had a hard time finding one another.

  3. GHD

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