Art Alexakis & Some Guys Calling Themselves Everclear Escape To Guantanamo Bay

May 14th, 2008 // 22 Comments

AP061201035633.jpgGuantanamo Bay’s been getting a bad rap lately, what with that Harold & Kumar movie and the human rights violations and whatnot, so it will undoubtedly mean a lot for the soldiers stationed there when Everclear shows up on Memorial Day to sing about feeling like a whore, watching the world die, and trying to be everything to everyone in hopes of buying estranged family members a new house. Don’t try to tell me that everything is wonderful now, Art!

EVERCLEAR have added two special dates to their Spring/Summer tour: a May 26 Memorial Day concert at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and a July 6 performance at the Marine Corps base at Kaneohe Bay, Oahu.

“These two are important to the band,” says singer and guitarist ART ALEXAKIS of the multi-platinum EVERCLEAR. “There are folks in uniform all over the world, and at home, looking out for us–and to play for them is an honor. Not a bad way to spend the holiday weekends, not at all.”

For the Cuba show, ALEXAKIS and his bandmates–drummer BRETT SNYDER, guitarist DAVE FRENCH, bassist SAM HUDSON and keyboardist JOSH CRAWLEY–will be performing for a capacity crowd estimated at 6,000 people stationed at the U. S. Naval Station with their families, representing all five of the armed forces–Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard–plus Department of Defense and other national law enforcement agencies. Everclear will also receive tours and briefings on the very historic Naval Station, the Joint Task Force Guantanamo detainee operation, fence line operations from the US Marine Corps Security Force and water borne operations from the US Coast Guard Port Security Unit.

“Hey, we specifically asked for NO cockmeat sandwiches on the rider!”

  1. R. Morast

    Not to come off like a dick, but Art Alexakis might be one of the few rockers who deserves a cockmeat sandwich. The dude’s a cock. A co-worker saw Everclear play a Ribfest in Fargo, N.D., recently. Naturally, women in the front were taking photos of the band with their cameras. Art got irate. Took a camera from a woman’s hands, threw it into the crowd and yelled something like “I used to date supermodels. You’re taking my picture?” Obviously, this sounds like rock star Ribfest regret.

  2. NeverEnough

    A friend of mine’s band opened up for them and said he was the single rudest musician he had ever encountered.

  3. iantenna

    he looks like the douchetool version of steve from sex and the city.

  4. cockfightbarmitzvah

    @R. Morast: Playing a Ribfest in Fargo, N.D? I think karma’s already done bitch slapped him, my friend.

  5. Chris B.

    Last month Everclear played at Mars Hill Church, one of the most intolerant, right-wing churches in Seattle. I wonder if Art is planning a tour of the most hateful places on earth.

    “Good Evening Hamas! We’re Everclear from Portland, OR. Are YOU ready to ROCK!!”

  6. encyclopediablack

    What? They couldn’t get Toby Keith?

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t understand the Gitmo and Mars Hill Church gigs. Alexakis is as lefty as the day is long (he was a delegate to the Democrat’s 2004 convention, if I remember correctly). And no, I’m not saying that liberals don’t support our troops. It just seems kind of weird.

  8. El Zilcho!

    @R. Morast: You have no idea how pissed off I’d be if I was at NH Ribfest this year and Everclear started playing.

  9. Anonymous

    Art’g got a mortgage payment too, ya know. He’s sure-as-shit not getting royalty checks from his old label Capitol.

  10. Maura Johnston

    “they cannot hurt you unless you let them”

  11. Anonymous

    Holy shit he is not aging well.

  12. tigerpop

    @Superawesomerad: To be fair, he’s 75 years old.

  13. FionaScrapple

    A pitiful relic of the days when any “power-trio” with a heroin-chic, over-inked lead singer was considered “the next nirvana”. Honestly, these guys couldn’t carry Eve6′s jock.

  14. bcapirigi

    that picture just made me realize that my undying crush on art alexakis and my undying crush on dr drew may, in fact, be related.

  15. TheMojoPin

    This guy aways reeked of John Cusack-like levels of douchedom.

  16. blobby

    @TheMojoPin: Back the fuck off John Cusack!

  17. bcapirigi

    @genevieveyorke: i saw that episode!

  18. Anonymous

    @bcapirigi: oh man. i remember one time when art alexakis was on loveline. it was a hot episode.

  19. Homage

    Art Alexakis is the worst human being of the Twentieth Century.

  20. Anonymous

    @Homage: He’s history’s greatest monster!

  21. MrStarhead

    Art owes a LOT of alimony, and a LOT of back taxes. He’ll play wherever they’ll let him.

  22. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, but remember the reason: the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

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