Dave Grohl On That Letter To Metallica: “I Didn’t Write It, I Dictated It”


Dave Grohl has posted a sorta-denial of the open letter to Metallica that made the rounds last week, which inquired after the progress of their current album (particularly the drum parts). While not denying that he said the words that were picked up “by everyone from Blabbermouth to Rolling Stone,” he claims that he never put pen to paper for the purposes of getting in touch with James et al. Instead, that “letter” was just part of an interview that was taken out of context and whipped up into a nice, frothy, Internet meringue:

Just wanted to write a quick note to clear up this whole “Open letter to Metallica” fiasco……For the record, I never “wrote” anything to Metallica. I was asked by a journalist, at the end of a long interview (abut the Foo Fighters) to give a quick message to Metallica in the studio. So, I rattled that quote off the top of my head. No biggie, right? Somehow it became my “open letter” to the band, and now it’s been picked up by everyone from Blabbermouth to Rolling Stone (as if anyone really cares!). Now, it’s true that I’ve been a loyal fan of this band for 25 years, and I can’t wait to hear the new shit, but an “open letter” to the band?!!?? Nah. Not my style. I’d rather just text ’em……

Ah, Dave. If you’re so friendly with them, wouldn’t they invite you over for listening sessions? Or at least to be the second drummer on their version of “Fight Fire With Fire” that had an extra bass-playing appendage in Flea, so as to max out the number of extra people on stage?

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