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AP060916027620.jpgOasis has allegedly replaced drummer Zak Starkey (The Who/Icicle Works/Lightning Seeds) with Chris Sharrock (Robbie Williams/Icicle Works/Lightning Seeds). Seeing as how Noel called Williams “the fat dancer from Take That,” I’m guessing it’s the rest of Sharrock’s pedigree (which also includes a stint with The La’s) that impressed him. Starkey helped record Oasis’ upcoming album, but is no longer involved with the group. [Mirror]

  1. NickEddy

    That first Icicle Works record owned.

  2. NeverEnough

    @NickEddy: Amen.

  3. Chris N.

    When was Zak Starkey in Icicle Works and the Lightning Seeds?

  4. Chris Molanphy

    Too bad about Zak - he was one of the best thing about seeing the Who live on their last tour for me. Kid’s remarkably unlike his father: he plays with an un-Ringo-like fierceness.

  5. Anthony Miccio

    @Chris N.: allegedly Starkey replaced Sharrock in the Seeds in 97 when Sharrock hooked up with Robbie, and Starkey played in the Icicle Works briefly in 1988. That’s why their child is a cyclops.

  6. GhostOfDuane

    @Chris Molanphy: I think that’s cause Moonie taught him to play drums while Ringo was off doing whatever it is that Ringo does.

  7. Chris N.

    @Miccio: I’ll be darned, I did not know that.

  8. drjayphd

    Fun fact: Relevance, not unlike Ringo’s son, is no longer involved with the group.

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