May 15th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Fort_RenoP.jpgWashington, D.C.’s Fort Reno Park has hosted free shows by many of the city’s punk and indie stalwarts–Fugazi, the Dismemberment Plan, and Ted Leo are just a few–as part of its long-standing summer concert series. But this summer’s slate of shows is up in the air, thanks to the park being closed indefinitely yesterday after a satellite employed by the United States Geological Survey found high levels of arsenic in its soil. The promoters of the shows are waiting for further testing of the soil, but in the meantime they’re asking for donations for future musical endeavors “at Fort Reno, some new venue, or something wholly new.” [Going Out Gurus]

  1. Al Shipley

    Oh wow, bummer. I was just thinking literally yesterday that I should check to see if this year’s Fort Reno schedule had been announced yet, haven’t been there in at least a couple summers but it’s such a great tradition that should be kept alive.

  2. Camp Tiger Claw

    How the fuck does a satellite know how much arsenic is in the soil? Weird.

    I’m going to read this later when I’m high.

  3. thearcanemodel

    so they’ve successfully battled The Man to do these things for over a decade and now freaking ARSENIC gets in the way???

    this is so sad. i had the good fortune to work in DC during the summer of ’00 and these shows were a highlight. seeing the D-Plan on a breezy, 75-degree evening was rivaled only by seeing fugazi play an epic show punctuated by eerily well-timed bursts of thunder and lightning. incredible people watching, too: a friendly hippie dad with a toddler on his shoulders next to a high-schooler next to a perfectly-coiffed ian svenonius. so informal and inclusive.


  4. Maura Johnston

    @Camp Tiger Claw: We live in the future.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    @Camp Tiger Claw: How the fuck does a satellite know how much arsenic is in the soil?

    I know what’s really going on, Stuart. I know it’s the queers.

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