503 More Reasons That Digg Sucks When It Comes To Music-Related Anything

May 15th, 2008 // Comment

DiggDown.jpgCurrently climbing the Digg charts with 503 votes from the social-news site’s “we hate the music business, even though we probably wouldn’t have known who our patron saint Trent Reznor was without it” faithful: 22 Websites That Are Driving Daggers Into The Heart Of The RIAA, a list of 22 sites where you can get free music and totally give those evil record executives what-for! So what’s on the list? RAR blogs that offer full albums? Nah, the sites that Tiny Dad likes are even more bad-ass! You know, like that outlaw site imeem, which has signed licensing deals with the major labels. Or those RIAA-nose-thumbing dudes at last.fm, which is also operating legally. Not to mention the ad-supported, also fully legal SpiralFrog. Yeah, Diggers! Fight the power! And don’t forget to click on those SpiralFrog banners! [TinyDad.com]


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