Today’s Awful Packaging Idea, Courtesy Of Ciara

May 16th, 2008 // 14 Comments

sorryciaraitsafunnypicture.jpgThe physical CD market is admittedly pretty lousy these days as people lose their affection for liner notes, plastic cases and shiny discs. However, R&B singer Ciara is going to get you into the record store one way or another, with whatever gimmick it takes, for her upcoming album Fantasy Ride. How about three five-to-six-track discs in one package, with each disc showing a different aspect of her personality? First, the sensual side on a disc called Groove City, then a disc of what is described as house on Kingdom of Dance, followed by an unspecified emotion on Crunktown. Adding additional production costs for an album that might not sell that well anyway? What could go wrong? [FMQB]

  1. Al Shipley

    Let’s not forget, she put her own name and the word “evolution” in the title of her last album 2 months after Robin Thicke did the exact same thing. Cribbing from Extreme’s III Sides To Every Story is hardly the worst idea Ciara’s ever had.

  2. NeverEnough

    @Al Shipley: I love you for the Extreme reference.

  3. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @Al Shipley: My eleven year old self was BLOWN AWAY by the third side being “The Truth.”

  4. Empire

    I guess it’s true that “House is a Feeling.”

  5. Tenno

    0_0 I like my packaging and shiny discs and sweet cover art…. but I hate changing discs… so she fails again.

  6. Chris Molanphy

    We need to get this lady together with Nelly McKay. They could release a duets album with 28 minutes of music spread across six discs.

  7. NeverEnough

    Speaking of packaging, I was telling my 22-year old co-worker about how CDs used to come in cardboard longboxes and he didn’t believe me. I felt far older than my 33 years…

  8. NeverEnough

    @Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee: Heh. Me too, I shamefully admit.

  9. Tauwan

    This is all very gaudy and over the top in a Prince Crystal Ball/Emancipation packages sort of way, but I am going to give her ambition the benefit of the doubt for now, only because I enjoy me some Ciara: The Evolution. Minus all the skits and the closing cool down relax and reflect on my youth and where I stand numbers.

  10. Anonymous

    I think she should do some sort of cross-promotional tie in with Ciara by Revlon. I’m thinking free samples packaged with the mini CDs that mirror the mood set by the songs. One could be “$20 hooker”, one could be “something’s just exploded in my purse” and the other could be “drag queen”. The possibilities are endless when you’re a divalette named after cheap perfume.

  11. spazandmojo

    @liquid444: that suggestion was seriously fierce. :) i concur wholeheartedly. you should pitch her company your idea.

  12. CloudCarrier

    The worthlessness of a “Skits” disc would be tremendously appreciated, though Nellie McKay’s would have to be a seventeen hour blu-ray, stage-banter wise.

  13. Luke N Atmaguchi

    Let’s not diminish the power — yes, power — of skits! I shudder to imagine The Goats’ “Tricks of the Shade” sans skits. (Though when the CD came out, I dubbed it to cassette without ‘em.)

  14. drjayphd

    Thrice, meanwhile, are left sobbing in their coffee ice creams.

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