Random Comeback Of The Week: The Platters

May 16th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Although Idolator has previously covered this week’s UK album chart, a second look today brought up a thought: Why are the Platters in the top ten?

The Platters were a fine vocal group by all means, but why now? The packaging isn’t terribly exciting, and digging through the British press didn’t bring up a reference to a popular commercial or another media aberration to explain the sudden surge in popularity, but for two weeks, there they are in the top ten, this week at number eight. Rick Astley’s Ultimate Collection could only make it up to number 17, to give some perspective.

Actually, who cares? The Platters are impossible to not enjoy, especially on a day where the biggest music news so far is the New Kids trainwreck from the Today show. Here are a few extra Platters cuts from Youtube:

British Album Chart [BBC Radio 1]


  1. luciluce666

    Because they freakin RULE thats why!

    Oldies just don’t get enough respect anymore.

  2. Clevertrousers

    Because Brits have more soul than we do? Either that or there’s some kind of movie/tv/advertising tie-in somewhere…

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