New Kids On The Block Drop Some Eightiesex/Oldsounds On “Today”

May 16th, 2008 // 11 Comments

It’s a bad sign when the novelty of a reunion dissipates about two minutes into a performance, leaving us with an audible reminder of why no one’s listened to these songs since they broke up. [NBC via Gossip Girls]


  1. Anonymous

    I love you John Knight!

  2. NeverEnough

    Eightiesex/oldsounds? I love you for that.

  3. NeverEnough

    Also, Jordan has become a DILF.

  4. PopIsNotDead

    Also, if you are over thirty and performing coordinated dance moves and are not a member of the Pips or the Temptations, you fail.

  5. Whigged

    Van Halen from the “Hot For Teacher” video thinks that attempt at performing coordinated dance moves was awful.

  6. Anonymous

    I am embarrassed to be a woman right now.

  7. Anonymous

    I am embarrassed to be a woman.

  8. raihala

    Best headline ever.

  9. Anonymous

    This clip is all the NKOTB reunion I’ll ever need.

    At least NKOTB know they’re older than dirt and are ok with it….what’s even more awkward is watching the Backstreet Boys still plugging away with album titles like “Never Gone.”

    I’ll take Dave Cook over this anyday

  10. Chris Molanphy

    @raihala: Co-sign.

    Still laughing.

    All hail Anthony.

  11. Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just because I’m listening to a streaming clip over laptop computers, but wouldn’t you think NBC could afford to hire a soundman that didn’t completely SUCK?

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