GVSB Croaker Scott McCloud Back With Paramount Styles

May 16th, 2008 // 2 Comments

While distorted groove enthusiasts Girls Against Boys never officially broke up, since 2002′s You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See they’ve only appeared for the occasional European gig or a Don’t Look Back event, busting out 1993′s Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby in its entirety (ok, and they backed Gina Gershon for a tour). There hasn’t even been an album from the singer Scott McCloud’s spin-off New Wet Kojak since 2003, so you’d think he’d have plenty of horn dog catchphrases he’s dying to rasp. Evidently tired of waiting for his compatriots, he’s releasing his first solo album under the name Paramount Styles. Are you ready for acoustic guitar-based songs titled “Alleyesareonyounowmypet” and “Drunx, Whores & Mzk People?”

After a run of revered albums in the 1990s with Girls Against Boys, singer/guitarist Scott McCloud will release his first solo album under the name Paramount Styles on July 8. The album is called Failure American Style, and it’s on Dutch label KonKurrent, though Touch and Go is distributing it on U.S. shores.

McCloud got help on the Paramount Styles record from GVSB/Bellini drummer Alexis Fleisig, Psychedelic Furs’ (and now Guns N’ Roses’) guitarist Richard Fortus, singer Angela McCluskey, cellist Marlan Barry, and composer/pianist Paul Cantelon.

Scott will soon embark on a Paramount Styles European tour, which kicks off May 21 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Judging by the songs on his MySpace page, the voice hasn’t changed at all, but the music is significantly more organic than the slicked-up Killing Joke/Big Black noise GVSB was known for, with acoustic guitars and pianos making up most of the sound. Ok, I know that sounds ridiculous, but the tracks are actually pretty good.

…If not this good.

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