The New Phone Books Are Here!

May 16th, 2008 // 4 Comments

staxmuseumphonebookcover.jpgFor a year, at least, Memphis residents who still use phone books instead of Google to find numbers will be reminded of the greatness of Stax records, which seems like a plus to me. The former Capitol Theater was taken over by Stax in 1960, and was the home of a great deal of incredible music until the label went under in 1975. The museum opened in 2003, but most importantly, it’s the Stax building. Who wouldn’t want to visit? Hopefully next year’s book won’t feature a chip that plays Marc Cohn “(Let My Fingers Do The) Walkin’ in Memphis” when the cover is opened. [Tri-State Defender]

  1. natepatrin

    Well, maybe it should include something Marc Cohn-related in the future if they’re still using that “The Real White Pages” slogan.

  2. Our Man In Chicago

    Well, it’s “a” Stax building, but it’s not “the” Stax building. “The” Stax building was torn down in 1989. The museum was built in 2003, and replicates the look of the original, including some of the studios.

  3. Luke N Atmaguchi

    OK, I’ll be “The Jerk” who takes the bait . . .

    NAVIN JOHNSON . . . you random son of a bitch.

  4. Rob Murphy

    “He hates these cans!”

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