Miley Cyrus Probably Doesn’t Need More Drama

May 16th, 2008 // 10 Comments

ohmileysoyoungsotroubled.jpgAs if Miley Cyrus isn’t having a tough summer so far — now she’s an accused plagiarist. Los Angeles act Lustra had noticed a few similarities between their track for the 2004 movie Eurotrip and the Hannah Montana smash “Rockstar”. Despite a remarkable difference in lyrical content, it’s possible they have a point.

With most of these plagiarism stories, you have to wonder if the famous act (or in the case, the people behind the famous act) would have an opportunity to hear the less famous song. Well, Lustra have a theory:

The band listened to both tracks and realized the similarities themselves. “Scotty Doesn’t Know” was recorded for the movie EUROTRIP, starring Matt Damon, which was released in 2004, and well in advance of Cyrus’ “Rockstar”, released in 2006. In another strange coincidence their producer out of Boston, was connected to the television hit series “Hannah Montana”. The idea was now not so farfetched. The band also noticed something on the Billboard Magazine charts – “Scotty Doesn’t Know” was at 75 while Ms. Cyrus was just starting to work her way up the charts – her song “Who Said” was at 92.

When confronted with the idea, the producer refused to return calls. Nick Cloutman, Lustra’s guitarist, offered, “Although we are very flattered that Ms. Cyrus took this route, we would have preferred some credit.”

Judge for yourself:

You have to have some respect for how Lustra is making the most of the opportunity.

The band is considering various options to rectify this situation. The immediate solution, however, is to work with a Los Angeles based producer to minimize leaks, and keep all future recordings in a vault, under extreme security. “If Hannah Montana wants us now – who is next? The Jonas Brothers?” declares Lustra’s frontman, Chris Baird.

Nick did offer one request, “If Annie Liebowitz is interested in photographing us nearly nude we are certainly open to it and we look forward to her call.”

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  1. brasstax

    Yeah, yeah…I guess. Although it could be argued that’s hardly a proprietary guitar lick. It sounds like something I would arrive at just mindlessly plucking my own guitar while watching a Growing Pains rerun some afternoon.

  2. Anonymous

    I take Lustra for my allergies.

  3. Tenno

    Incidentally, I loved that scene in the movie, Miley, not so much.

  4. Empire

    Way to mention the JoBros and double your chance of getting googled, Lustra.

  5. Anonymous

    I hate to admit this, but I was listening to a stealth recording of a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus show, and I actually thought the two songs were similar.

    Excuse me while I go weep about how sad my life has become.

  6. ajamison

    I’m with brasstax on this one, that’s a stretch. Sure, it has similar-sounding riff, but it’s not exactly mind-blowingly original stuff. Evidence of access would be needed for any legal case too. Meh.

  7. mirrorball

    Yeah, they sound similar. But didn’t Blink 182 or Sum 41 or Crap 69 use that riff a few times too?

  8. Anonymous

    It is hard to be sympathetic for those claiming to be ripped off when they really have nothing to rip off. Its not out of the realm of possibility that two seperate entities could come up with that same, patheically simple riff independently. You know why Coltrane never had to sue anyone for plagarism? Because no one else could play the shit that he could!

  9. f1sh3r

    does miley cyrus really write her own songs?

  10. Chris N.

    It definitely should be noted that she did not write or co-write the song.

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