Queens Of The Stone Age Bring Back Memories Of “MTV2 Video Mods”

May 16th, 2008 // 7 Comments

The new Queens Of The Stone Age video, “3s & 7s,” their second for the track, finds the band replaced by Rock Band avatars considerably more skinny and twirl-prone than their human counterparts. Oddly, the previous video for the song, which attempted to swipe the Grindhouse zeitgeist, didn’t feature much more of the band (p.s. this track fucking smokes, but anyone who plays Guitar Hero III already knows that).

If you looked like Josh Homme, would you bother hiding behind such gimmicks? Not me, I’d be staring in the mirror. Flexing. Or maybe just dreamily eye-fucking the camera like he does in the “Make It Wit’ Chu” clip.

That said, if bouncing video game characters help to get people buying Era Vulgaris, arguably my favorite of the band’s many tasty albums, I’m totally for it.

Queens Of The Stone Age’s “3s and 7s” [MTV]
Queens Of The Stone Age-3s And 7s [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] [YouTube]
Queens Of The Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu [YouTube]

  1. Tauwan

    Dear Queens of the Stone Age,

    Thank you for releasing a new video and therefore forcing me to dust off/revisit Era Vulgaris and be reminded of it’s awesomeness.



    [Unabashed Queens of the Stone Age fan ever since the Christmas of the year Songs for the Deaf came out and I copped it at Virgin for ten dollars. Good times.]

  2. FionaScrapple

    Still not “metally” enough. You’ve lost your way, little lamb.

  3. Halfwit

    Damn swing break!

  4. Anonymous

    Lanegan’s not singing so I don’t care.

  5. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Queens’ self-titled debut > every other album released in the past ten years

  6. Anonymous

    @Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee: Testify. Avon was that shit back in the day.

  7. rogerniner

    New songs recently added to my karaoke book (All QOTSA edition):

    -3′s & 7′s
    -Another Love Song
    -Burn the Witch
    -Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
    -First It Giveth
    -Little Sister
    -Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
    -Monster In Your Parasol
    -Songs For The Deaf

    All QOTSA songs are a hell of a lot of fun to sing, by the way.

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