MTV Pays Belated Tribute To Testament

May 19th, 2008 // 8 Comments

In a sop to the music industry, MTV plays clips of “featured” musical acts during commercial breaks, house ads, and the closing credits of Next. Does this increased visibility help a band much? We’ll see if The Formation Of Damnation, the latest (14th!) album by Testament, sees a noteworthy sales increase now that the San Francisco metal veterans have become this week’s pick in MTV’s 52/52 Bands promotion. They’re not the first aging band to receive this nod in 2008; in February, MTV gave it up to the Bad Brains! But this post isn’t about the Bad Brains, this post is about Testament.

Testament seem to be into both Alcatraz and Metallica, which is unsurprising for a northern California metal band whose first album came out in 1987.

“Over The Wall”

“Trial By Fire”

I haven’t been inspired to dig deeper into the Testament canon, let alone purchase First Strike Kill Deadly or Return To The Apocalyptic City, but I’m glad to see guys who look like this get on MTV in a context other than True Life: My Dad’s In A Metal Band.

Artist Of The Week: Testament [MTV]
Testament – Electric Crown [YouTube]
Testament – Over The Wall [YouTube]
Testament – Trial By Fire [YouTube]

  1. FionaScrapple

    The Gathering, Testament’s 1999 release, is the greatest metal album of all time.

    There I said it.

  2. NeverEnough

    I forgot just how goddamn good “Trail By Fire” was.

  3. Anonymous

    Limbomaniacs — bwah!

  4. Chris N.

    Start with the ‘Signs of Chaos’ best-of, and then godspeed to you. Discovering Testament is a joyful time in a young person’s life.

  5. Captain Wrong

    Has there ever been a greater chorus than “the toilet’s flooded, the load won’t fit/the toilet’s flooded with a great big SHIT!” I think not.

  6. Captain Wrong

    PS: boo on getting my hopes up.

  7. Anonymous

    I used to date Louie Clemente’s half-sister. Just saying. :)

  8. Handsome Pete

    I’m watching The Paper. And then I see this. Good, bad or bizarre.

    Preferable to Gnarls Barkley week. That’s for sure.

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