DMX Achieves Lamest Legal Woe Yet

DMX tends to get arrested for being high as all fuck while surrounded by guns and sickly pitbulls, but some new allegations aren’t criminal in a way that can either be hyped as bad-ass or written off as a proof of troubled times when (and if) his gospel album comes out. Police are now claiming that DMX, while suffering from pneumonia, checked into the Mayo Clinic in Scottsville, Ariz., under an alias in hopes of avoiding the bill. It’s even being alleged that he told a fellow patient that his bill would eventually be paid by “someone in the projects.”

According to Maricopa County Police, the rapper checked into The Mayo Clinic’s emergency room under the name Troy Smith and was treated for pneumonia during an eight hour stay.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, is being investigated for theft of services for giving the hospital false information including name and address for billing purposes, although the amount of the bill is not known.

According to The Arizona Republic, DMX used his real birth date when he checked in, while another patient claims the rapper said “someone in the projects” would receive the bill.

The real Troy Smith has yet to comment.

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