Napster Makes MP3s Available Again, Only This Time You Have To Pay For Them

May 20th, 2008 // Comment

napster_2.jpgNapster is going back to its roots, opening an MP3 store that sells DRM-free tracks from all of the major labels; the MP3s are wrapped inside a Web interface that gives you zero information on price until you click about three pages in (according to the press release, individual tracks are 99 cents and “most MP3 albums” are $9.95, but since when were you going to trust the major labels on pricing music fairly?). Napster COO Christopher Allen told Hypebot that subscriptions are still the company’s “core business,” which is probably a good thing since the Napster MP3 store’s semi-impenetrable interface isn’t exactly inviting, and it seems like a big ruse to get more subscribers (users are reminded that if they subscribe, they can preview full tracks before they buy, instead of the 30-second samples currently on offer). But perhaps you disagree?

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Napster [Official site]
Interview: Napster COO Christopher Allen [Hypebot]


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