Pete Wentz Has A Dream

May 20th, 2008 // 12 Comments

thewayhesholdinghisbassisabitdisconcerting.jpgAccording to some of our commenters, showing music videos on television is a dead scene. However, one man is willing to stand up against the forces of commerce and targeted market research and make the contention that music videos should make a triumphant return to the screen. That man is Pete Wentz.

Are you sick of 30-second clips on TRL? Vexed by the one single hour of videos smashed between reruns of Made and Cribs? Pete Wentz knows your pain, and he’s going to start himself a riot (although he’s not quite mad enough to utilize the shift key.

i could only assume that you would be completely frustrated with the same things i am with mtv. it is a network called music television that does not play music videos. and when they do play videos it is in 30 second clips on TRL or underneath the credits of whatever reality show. the truth is we have a collective memory of videos. certain ones we can all sit and look back and say “oh i remember that” or “i cant believe axl rocked the nwa hat and the bicycle shorts in the same video”. people say that with the a.d.d. generation people cant pay attention to a whole music video whenever we have asked. that people wont watch those anymore. i disagree. as most of you do as well. the truth is whole videos should be played. bands should play live. premieres should be a big deal like they used to be, not just a snippet of a video. artists should be able to let their imaginations go and know that people will be able to see what they have crafted. artists should talk about their videos. we should and can make the
music video important again.

The music video should be important again! Pete Wentz is doing all he can, people. Did you see the Tyga video? He’s pouring his heart into this business, and MTV can’t be bothered to show FOB’s “Beat It” cover more than five times this week?

In honor of Pete’s (oddly timed…shouldn’t he be on a honeymoon or something?) grandstanding, here is the video with an all-too-brief shot of Axl in a NWA hat, “You Could Be Mine”:

Also, my personal favorite music video, “Lucas With The Lid Off”:

the response to the most obvious poll ever: []

  1. NickEddy

    Oh! This has nothing to do with this – but who does the godawful beyond-unnecessary cover of “Under Pressure” I heard on the radio this past weekend? Reminding me not to turn on the radio ever again?

  2. NeverEnough

    @NickEddy: Keane does a cover. Them, maybe?

  3. Al Shipley

    Yeah, guys. How are we supposed to catch every reference to older Fall Out Boy videos in new FOB videos if we haven’t seen each of them a hundred times? Pete’s been reduced to pastiches of videos people actually recognize, like Michael Jackson’s, because the “Dance, Dance” video simply isn’t as iconic as it should be.

  4. Al Shipley

    @NickEddy: The cover you probably heard is by My Chemical Romance and The Used, it got a lot of US radio play a couple years ago.

    BTW, there’s something really unsettling about a 28-year-old married man calling his personal site “a boy’s life.” You’re only as old as your fanbase, I guess?

  5. gofreescout

    Xiu Xiu? (OH!)

  6. Kate Richardson

    My two favorites:

  7. Eugene Langley

    The “what, no music videos?” debate seems kind of worn out at this point, but I do miss waking up to R. Kelly’s “I Wish” every single morning like clockwork. MTV: Y’all don’t see the inside of my unhappiness.

  8. Sniffle

    Today’s generation will look back fondly and say “I can’t believe I used to give a rat’s ass what Ashlee Simpson’s ex-husband used to think on those “blog’ things we used to read.”

  9. Maura Johnston

    @eugenelangley: surely i’m not the only person who used to wake up *early* in order to catch the blocks of mtv’s light-rotation videos. i fondly remember many pre-6 a.m. hours spent reading newsday and watching ‘the wagon’… then being late to school anyway.

  10. dollywould

    @Maura Johnston: I vividly remember catching Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” before school one morning. Your comment totally just reminded me of this.

  11. luciluce666

    It’s hard for me to say this… but I agree with the Wentz.

    As long as they don’t play HIS music videos.

  12. the rich girls are weeping

    Oh, Pete, baby — I’ve seen “Beat It” and the Tyga video (adorable, btw) — on MTV Hits. Do they not get that on the Encino cable at the Simpson compound? (;

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