Tonight’s “American Idol” Finale: Madonna? The Jonases? ZZ Top??

May 21st, 2008 // 5 Comments

With six hours to go until the final episode of this American Idol season, our poll, DialIdol, and Zabasearch are all claiming that David Cook’s grunge revivalism has won the Internet version of the show, despite the three judges last night being firmly in the tank for David Archuleta. Whether or not those predictions are correct is an outcome we’ll all have to wait many hours for, but in the two hours between the show’s opening sequence and the confetti-filled finale, we’re going to have lots of entertainment to fill the time (and live-blogging space! what, you thought I was going to miss this?) between commercial breaks. Rumors are flying that Madonna, the Jonas Brothers, and Seal (?!) are going to show up–we’ve collected a bunch of finale spoilers after the jump.

• Jason Castro has said that one of the guest stars could be known as “codename Virgin Airlines,” which could mean Madonna… or it could mean the Spice Girls, who, don’t forget, have a Virgin Atlantic jet named after them and are also managed by Idol creator Simon Fuller.
• However, E! is claiming that the biggest star in the world slated to appear on tonight’s show is, in fact, George Michael, which makes me wonder if we’ll be hearing “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” again.
• Not among the biggest stars in the world, but also scheduled to appear: The Jonas Brothers, Donna Summer, and ZZ Top. Ah, I hope this means Michael Johns will bust out “Tush”!
• Also, Seal, perhaps so Brooke White can sing “Crazy.”
• Carrie Underwood will sing her new single, “Last Name,” and other Idol contestants from years past will be on hand. Taylor Hicks, alas, will not be one of them, as he’s currently bringing the wamp to Italy.
• Nigel Lythgoe is promising another “dead Elvis”-style duet. God, if it’s John Lennon doing “Imagine,” I’m going to imagine that there’s no Fox affiliate on the TV in my living room and switch to Law & Order immediately.
• Lythgoe also hinted to Ryan Seacrest this morning that Jason Castro was going to reprise “Hallelujah” tonight.

Season 7 Finale Spoilers [MJ's Big Blog]


  1. brasstax

    Stephen Colbert has a Virgin plane named after him too.

    Now I’m scared about 3D John Lennon. Like, literally trembling scared.

  2. El Zilcho!

    Why do they think people like these dead-people duets? They creep me out.

  3. punkybunky

    Dear American Idol Producers,

    If you want me to continue watching this show as badly as it seems you do, then for the love of God stop trotting out 3D projections of dead artists and expecting me to think it looks real and/or spectacular.

    Thank you,

    I’d better CC the Grammys on this one as well.

    On a different note, a friend showed me vid clip of Jason Castro on some local news program out of Fresno, CA. The reporter asks the kicked-off contestants who they think is going to win, and when they get to Castro he just says “hellooo Fresno!” and then “Fresno, that’s fun to say” followed by a stonery guffaw. It’s entirely possible his “Virgin Airlines” clue is completely made-up.

  4. punkybunky

    Wait, Amy Winehouse was kicked off a Virgin Airlines flight, right? Is she available?

  5. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t an appearance on “American Idol” by Madonna require somehow that she once again admit to being American?

    Ain’t gonna happen, folks…

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