Katy Perry: Still Trying To Convince The World She Is “Sexy”

May 21st, 2008 // 7 Comments

It probably fits that the video for worst song of ’08 candidate “I Kissed A Girl” has a video that’s populated by rejected Cinemax After Dark starlets and set in a location that looks like a third-tier regional amusement park’s “Make Your Own Video For $9.99″ booth. The fact that Katy Perry looks completely not into lipsyncing the completely trite lyrics, whether she’s “sapphically” playing with her co-stars or petting her–wait for it–cat, is kind of making me want to see just how into the groove she was in her days of miming Christian pop twaddle, but the thought of having to hear her voice again is just too much to bear. (Not to mention that between this and hearing Nicole Scherzinger screechingly jilling off about why she’s so famous on Kimmel last night, I’m getting really worried about venturing into public spaces that blare top 40 stations this summer.) [MySpace]


  1. Anonymous

    C’mon, Maura — it’s all about da booooobies!!!

  2. westartedthis

    “I’m completely outrageous and I’ll do anything for attention!” – Katy Perry

    a performer gives you carte blanche like that, and this is the best they come up with?

  3. Anonymous

    Jilling off — the phrase that pays.

  4. janine

    You know what’s sexy? That Les Paul Vixen in Coral. My man hands are too big for it, though.

  5. Empire

    Who decided it was a good idea to set her myspace blog posts to music?

    No Kudos for you, Katy.

  6. kityglitr

    Lay off the girl… she’s making a living. She actually has a really beautiful/interesting voice. Some people prefer their female vocalists to not just sound “pretty”. I think the song is a touch cheesy and maybe even a little offensive (I’m queer) but I think in a few years, she could be making really good music. Well, if her label dumps her and she actually starts writing by herself.

  7. greggdetroit

    Somebody needs to get Jill Sobule’s lawyer on the horn. If anybody is going to make coin on this, it should be she.


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