Alex James Certain Blur Will Eventually Grab That Reunion Loot

May 22nd, 2008 // 1 Comment

AP080521013872.jpgAlex James interrupted his anti-cocaine promotional activites to let Blur fans know that someday, someway, he and his bandmates will put get together and siphon all your cash with a big ol’ vacuum cleaner. “”We’re all pretty busy but I’d be surprised if [a reunion] never happens. But I would be terrified if it was happening on Monday.” It’s only been about five years since Think Tank, so there’s no reason to interrupt solo careers and philanthropic ventures when the potential pay-off will increase every time a summer passes and they put this off. [Digital Spy]


  1. moomintroll

    My head would implode if this happened, but I think it’ll be in 10 years when Damon’s accomplished all he can on his own, and Alex, Graham, and Dave are broke enough to deal with Damon’s ego. Coachella 2018 headlining reunion spot…I’m calling it!
    I just watched a really old concert they did in Germany in’93. It was so great, they played Oily Water to a bunch of oblivious Duran Duran fans. They were all drunk, and Damon played a siren for 1/3 of the song! Ahh Blur, how I miss you!

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