Common Makes A Summer Jam With Pharrell? Whuh?

May 22nd, 2008 // 2 Comments

common.jpgARTIST: Common
SONG TITLE: “Universal Mind Control (feat. Pharrell)”
WEB DEBUT: May 22, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT How did Pharrell keep this beat away from Madonna? It’s his best in a while–electro-dance that makes me want to put some cardboard out on the sidewalk and practice my moves. (Anybody want to school me on the source?) Common’s staid, cheesy flow even fits the retro “yes, yes, y’all” vibe. This is easily the most immediately likable track I’ve ever heard from Common, possibly because it’s the first one where the beat grabbed my attention before the lyric, without being Kanye bombast.

WHERE TO HEAR IT: Hip-Hop DX has a stream, Rap-Up has a download, and the track’s starting to pop up on YouTube.


  1. Empire

    The vocoder on the chorus irritates me a little, but it is nice to see an underrated MC like Common produce something that will likely be a hit.

  2. Dagnabbit.

    The vocoder bugged until I listened to Bambatta’s “Planet Rock” again and after that it seemed to “fit”.

    This is hard for me to call. I stan for Common (I’ll admit, tho, his fineness has a large part to do with that) BUT I’ll admit that I really liked his last album. For about two weeks. Then didn’t give it a spin much thereafter. So I’m glad he’s trying new stuff, don’t know if I’m totally feeling this, but I like to see the man at play with his sound (and I liked “Electric Circus”). Holding off making a final call until I hear an HQ version with more fleshed out bass.

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