Help, Martha Wainwright Has Fallen And She Has No Pants On

May 22nd, 2008 // 7 Comments


While Martha Wainwright’s new album doesn’t come out stateside until June, I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too already debuted in the UK Top 30, and I assume this cover didn’t hurt sales much. I’m just trying to figure out how she wound up in the position she’s lounging in on the cover. The couch is close enough to the window that I’m guessing she didn’t fall backwards onto it, but the alternative involves her flinging her legs over the top after lying down and then pushing herself forward just far enough for her head to fall off the couch. I know it’s supposed to be alluring and risque, but it just seems weird and uncomfortable.

  1. Figgsrock

    Um, to paraphrase the Geico cavemen, maybe next time do a little research?

  2. Anthony Miccio

    @Figgsrock: Oh, I did a little research. Just less than that. Anyhow, fixed.

  3. Chris N.

    I’m gonna stick with “alluring and risque.”

  4. Anonymous

    @Anthony Miccio: Two steps to getting into this position.

    1) Sit down on couch.
    2) Gripping the top of the couch and the frame beneath the cushion, swing legs overhead while simultaneously lowering head towards ground.

    And ahem, yes, it is worth the “uncomfortable” factor to get into this position….with the right partner. Give it a try sometime.

  5. Anonymous

    there should be a guy in the window enjoying the show. maybe like elijah wood’s character in sin city. ok, i’m a creepster.

  6. Anonymous

    Great position for me to tea-bag her.

  7. Oldboy

    She has a long way to go until she’s in the same class as her father.

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