Death Cab Bounced Aside By 3 Doors Down

May 23rd, 2008 // 6 Comments

cursedselftitledalbums.jpgDeath Cab For Cutie’s reign at the top of the album charts was fun while it lasted, but Alabama natives and Hinder/Staind touring buddies 3 Doors Down are projected to take the No. 1 spot on Wednesday by a landslide, with around 150,000 projected sales of their new, self-titled album. Bun B’s post-UGK solo album trails in the No. 2 spot, with sales likely falling just short of the six-digit mark, and squeaky clean, yet scantily clad dancer turned country star Julianne Hough grabbing No. 3 with 60,000 sales. Last week’s chart slides down with Frank Sinatra at No. 4, Death Cab as the likely No. 5, and the deathless Leona Lewis at No. 6. Duffy, Mariah Carey, Toby Keith, and Madonna are the likely picks for the rest of the top 10, with all those albums projected to sell in the 40,000-copy range. [HITS Daily Double]


  1. Anonymous


    I sorta kinda don’t hate 3 doors down…

    There. I said it.

    I’m leaving work for the long holiday now.

    If, when I’ve returned Tuesday, my Idolator posting priveleges are gone, well….I understand completely.

  2. Mick Kraut

    Looking at this picture I have to ask…just how many guys does it take to make bland, middle of the road pseudo-alt rawk?

    I mean doesnt Nickelback pull it off with just 4 dudes? and Canadian dudes at that!

  3. Anonymous

    Why do I want a room-temperature can of Natural Lite so badly?

  4. noliebro

    world: -1
    guys who drive vehicles with truck nuts: +1

  5. Empire

    It would be easier for me to be upset about this if they had dislodged a band that I don’t find far more irritating than 3 Doors Down’s unremarkable but largely listenable (on a jukebox in a bar, if somebody else picked it) rock.

  6. Anonymous

    3 Doors Down is a real band? Damn, I thought they were totally invented by the US Government. What kind of band actually does ads for the military?

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