Shocker: Motley Crue, Video Games Share An Audience

May 27th, 2008 // 1 Comment

iTunes and Amazon haven’t been great to the new Motley Crue single, but the gamers who Crue fans would have previously beat up after school are keeping the band alive. According to the band’s management, “Saints of Los Angeles” has sold as a download five times more frequently via the video game Rock Band than traditional digital storefronts like iTunes or Amazon. Before you ask, the track was sold 47,000 times on the Xbox 360 platform alone, so any assumption that the total number of sales was six would be factually incorrect. [I4U News]


  1. Captain Wrong

    Like I said on your sister site, I’d guess the reason for this is people buying the Rock Band version strictly as more content to play in the game (and the fact that’s it’s 50% what a normal Rock Band track costs.) I know lots of people who are addicted to that game and really don’t care what the music is, it’s just background noise for the game.

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