You Might Not Have Trans World To Kick Around For Long

May 27th, 2008 // 3 Comments

goingthewayoftower.jpgIt’s not a great time to be in the music business for anyone–especially if you insist on selling discs at or above list price. Trans World, the parent company of everyone’s favorite overpriced music retailer FYE, posted nearly 12 million dollars in losses for the first quarter, and the news could have been much worse for our blue-aproned friends. Trans World closed a distribution center to cover three million in losses in a quarter which saw the retailer lose 6% in last year’s sales. The news isn’t all bad, however: video games are up 11% and accessories are up 17%. Compact discs, however, were down 23%. Then again, there’s that Coldplay disc to save us all, right? Right? [Billboard]


  1. Captain Wrong

    The only good thing about FYE is the occasional used sale. I got some box sets dirt cheap.

  2. Empire

    I got an FYE gift card once. I spent it mostly on accessories, because the music they carried was too awful even to spend gift money on.

  3. AcidReign

        I like Fye ok, when they have what I’m looking for. There’s one close to where I buy groceries. Convenient.

        But if I’m buying more than a CD or two, or want something the least bit off the beaten track, Barnes and Noble is better. And cheaper…

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