Pete Wentz Is The Most Powerful Man In Music

May 27th, 2008 // 6 Comments

howwerethefrenchfriespete.jpgWhen Pete Wentz blogs, people pay attention. According to his always fascinating, yet capitalization-challenged blog, “mtv has greenlit an hour long show to be aired live once a week this summer.” The show will apparently feature a number of video premieres, a classic video, and a live performance. Pete mentions the show is scheduled for the summer, which means the show may not be around once another Real World/Road Rules Challenge is ready to air, but we’ll take what we can get. (Right, Pete?) Also, he would like everyone to know he likes s’mores. Oh, to be a below-average bassist in a somewhat enjoyable band! [a boy's life]

  1. futurehorse

    Boy’s Life > a boy’s life

  2. RaptorAvatar

    Isn’t he also the lyricist/eye candy? Putting Moany McFrog-Taxidermy-in-a-train-engineer-hat on the cover sure won’t move any copies of Teensploitation Monthly.

    @futurehorse: Seconded. However, Christie Front Drive > All Current Emo Incarnations so what’s the fucking point?

  3. Janelleyo

    @RaptorAvatar: Ahhhhhhh Moany McFrog, ftw, for sure.

  4. Anonymous

    I guess the daddy-to-be isn’t touring wiht his shitty band this summer?

  5. Janelleyo

    Dan you managed to get a lot of hate in comments on Pete’s blog already re-blogging what you wrote. Kudos! I feel the Buzznet family lovin’, haha.

  6. djmedi4

    again proving that the commercial music world, and your success in it, is determined by your publicist’s abilities and nothing at all to do with your musical ones.

    and as for MTV giving this guy more airtime, let me say this -

    throwing a bunch of shit at the wall, just to see what sticks, means lots of shit stains on the wall.

    and a smell that takes it’s time in going away.

    much like Fall Out Boy.

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