Usher Finally Gets A Little Excitable During The Promotion Of His New Album

May 27th, 2008 // 3 Comments

While on TRL earlier today, Usher wrested control of the show from the host, bum-rushing the camera Totally Pauly-style and using the opportunity to tell the world that he loves his wife, and that she isn’t 40 years old or responsible for his mom. Some are referring to this as a Mariah-on-TRL level meltdown, but I’ll hold off; Usher wasn’t exactly doling out the frozen treats at rant’s end, although that could be why he was going off about how he wasn’t done as the show quickly cut to commercial. (Fast-forward to the 2:30 or so mark to see Usher go off. Tangentially related: Is MTV seriously using Lucida Script as one of its display fonts now? I know creativity and budgets are tight over there, but man, surely there have to be some free typefaces that floating around that aren’t just ripoffs of the Hootie font.) [DailyMotion via ONTD]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    Meh…it’s a cross between a medium-level Kanye rant and a Chris Rock routine (“I take care o’ mah kids… – You’re supposed to take care of your kids!!! ya low-expectation-havin’…” etc.).

    This is half a Mariah in ’01, at best.

  2. bcapirigi

    who’s the square that’s hosting trl these days? jeez!

  3. rochec


    They almost gave him the late late show on CBS. He guest hosts big shows all the time, people seem to like him.

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