Happy Birthday, Maura

May 28th, 2008 // 39 Comments

Happy birthday today to Maura Johnston, editor of Idolator. While I imagine she’s going to find this post embarrassing and dreadful, Maura’s one of my favorite people on earth, and an excellent writer/editor/blogger/whatever as well. In her honor, a stack of Sugababes videos below the cut.

Freak Like Me:

Hole In The Head:

Round Round:

Push The Button:

Red Dress:


Sugababes – Overload [YouTube]
Sugababes – Freak Like Me [YouTube]
Sugababes – Hole In The Head [YouTube]
Sugababes – Round Round [YouTube]
Sugababes – Push The Button [YouTube]
Sugababes – Red Dress [YouTube]
Sugababes – Denial [YouTube]


  1. GhostOfDuane

    Happy birthday to Maura! and a less happy one to Rudy Giuliani.

  2. BawstonSean

    Happy Birthday, Maura!

  3. Ned Raggett

    @GhostOfDuane: Now that’s a combined wish! (Happy b-day to Maura indeed!)

  4. exposition

    Happy birthday!

  5. Chris N.

    Happy bidet!

    It’s also Kylie Minogue’s birthday, if you’d like to prepare a video tribute.

  6. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Posting youtube videos beats getting someone an actual gift any day of the week…

    //bitter my birthday is Dec. 24…//

  7. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: I’m a dope. Forgot to wish Maura a happy birthday.

  8. Antiheroine

    Not to dismiss the other fine writers here, but Maura, you are the biggest reason I’ve read Idolator for so long. Have a great birthday!

  9. TheContrarian

    Happy Birthday Maura, my Gemini sister!

  10. Kate Richardson

    Maura neither asked for this, nor do I post it for any other reason than I happen to be watching it currently, but here is my contribution to the Happy Birthday Maura post:

  11. walkmasterflex

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Kate Richardson

    Damn those non-embedable videos!

  13. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Happy birthday to the boss lady.

    May your Mets turn things around toot-sweet.

  14. mishaps

    Yay for Maura, Queen of the Internets! Happy birthday!!

    (Not to mention, this gift is just what *I* needed today too – Thanks, Dan.)

  15. Chris Molanphy

    I’m adding Sugababes “Easy” to the mix (my favorite from last year):

    ¡Feliz Cumpleaños to La Jefe!

  16. Lucas Jensen

    I love you, Maura, but I hope the Mets keep stinking up the joint. I give you two more years of Willie Randolph for you birthday!

  17. Gnosis

    Happy Birthday!!

  18. Chris N.

    Fine, I’ll do it myself.

  19. the rich girls are weeping

    Happy birthday, Maura!

    (“Push The Button” is so still one of my jams — even 3 years after the fact!)

  20. Mick Kraut

    Happy birthday! I enjoy your work here and am glad I found this site.

    Like I tell family and friends, it could be worse.

    You could be like me and share a birthday with Whitney Houston…which is also the same day that:

    * US drops A-Bomb on Nagasaki
    * Manson Family murders Sharon Tate
    * Nixon Resigns

    Nothing but calamity on my birthday…

    Again, happy birthday!

  21. Thierry

    Happy birthday Maura!

  22. Sara Sherr

    Happy Birthday Maura! Thanks for turning me onto the Sugarbabes in the first place (and tons of other great music too).

  23. rogerniner

    Happy Birthday, Maura! Thanks for keeping me tied to this site for over a year now. It’s the first thing and last thing I see as I try to avoid doing any real work.

  24. CloudCarrier

    Big ups, my fearless American Idol girlfriend! You make it all look so easy.

  25. NeverEnough

    Happy birthday, my fellow Duranie! Watch how I can make this all come full circle: who was the former guitarist for the Sugarbabes? Dom Brown. Who is he playing for now? The mighty Duran (who I saw last night and again last week). Yay!

  26. Tenno

    Happy Birthday Maura! Most Awesome Person!

    I bring you catchy viral videos with cute animals!

  27. Tenno

    Oh I screwed up. Happy Birthday Maura!

    I can only hope this makes you smile as much as you normally do. You rock!

  28. Tenno

    Oh and yeah, it’s old, but the music is awesome.

  29. Tenno

    ^_^ I think that does my part to make today more lovely…

    Pine*Am is awesome too!

  30. ObtuseIntolerant

    Happy Birthday, Maura!!

  31. Maura Johnston

    Aww, thanks everybody!!! You all are the best.

  32. silkyjumbo

    happy birthday, from one L&O freak to another.

  33. mike a

    Hooray for Maura! Have a wonderful birthday.

  34. NickEddy

    Congrats, I hope your weather is suitable for some Haircut 100 as it is here in the Midwest. Thank god!

    Have an amazing birthday, dear.

  35. Poubelle

    Happy Birthday! I’ll second the above comment that you’re a major part of why I’m always sure to read Idolator.

  36. teemoney415

    Happy Birthday!

  37. Empire

    Happy Birthday Maura! Thanks for getting me addicted to this here blog thingy!

  38. natepatrin

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for Carlos Gomez!

  39. NeverEnough

    @NickEddy: The weather is always suitable for Haircut 100, son.

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