My Musical Taste In 1994 To Play For My Children In 2008

May 28th, 2008 // 11 Comments

bnladies.jpgAs part of my larger theory that all music will be children’s music before long, the Disney Music Block Party Tour will be hitting amphitheaters this summer with acts like Barenaked Ladies, Dan Zanes and They Might Be Giants on the bill. Raven-Symone, the Cosby Show tot turned teen comedienne, will be hosting the children’s music experience, which includes a chance to play with the hottest toys from Playskool as well as some sort of sippy cup vending, I imagine. I’m aware that kids, including ones I actually know, enjoy the Barenaked Ladies and They Might Be Giants, but this seems like an excuse for adults sentimental for the quirky pop past to drag their kids to a concert. I should just be thankful that Perry Farrell will likely be far away from this. [Billboard]

  1. Barry White Stripes, Office LW

    +1 for the ‘booze’ tag Dan. If there isn’t alcohol at these shows, I’m showing up buzzed fo’ sho’!

    /Crossing fingers for PHX shows

  2. Jerkwheat

    Yay for using the original Gordon artwork

    Boo for the fact that BNL and TMBG are touring together and it’s just gonna be them playing kids songs from their children’s music albums.

  3. Ned Raggett

    @pr0FF3ss0r_j3rkwh3at: Yay for using the original Gordon artwork

    Some corners of the universe will never forget it.

  4. NeverEnough

    Oh, fuck me, I hate BNL. Letting your kid listen to wacky, fat, rapping Canadians is the aural equivalent of child abuse.

  5. revmatty

    Maybe they’ll do “Steven Page is having a baby”, that would be a great kids’ song. I think Snacktime is a pretty good CD, and as a bonus it’s the first time I’ve liked Kevin Hearn on vocals.

  6. scarletvirtue

    @revmatty: Kevin Hearn on vocals for anything seems to be an acquired taste. Although, I will admit to a fondness for his version of “War Pigs” (yep, the Black Sabbath song).

  7. scarletvirtue

    @SAShepherd: The new CD meaning “Snacktime” or “Barenaked Ladies are Me”?

    As much as I like BNL … I don’t know how keen I am on the idea of the kid’s music CD. (And that goes for pretty much anyone that does kids music that isn’t Raffi or The Wiggles…)

    And goddamn you for talking about Gordon – I’ve got songs from Maybe You Should Drive going through my head now!

  8. revmatty

    @scarletvirtue (ΣΣΣ): I actually like his stuff with thinline, but I can’t stand any of the stuff on BLAM with him singing.

  9. SAShepherd

    @scarletvirtue (ΣΣΣ): Snacktime. I’ve never heard BLAM (either v.1 or v.2), so I think I’m really in that audience of which I speak.

  10. scarletvirtue

    @revmatty: Agreed – I pretty much bypassed the songs he’d done on that CD, as well as the songs Jim was singing on (as much as I like Brothers Creegan, I just wasn’t into his songs on BLAM). But Kevin with Thin Buckle – good times there. Some of his stuff with the Rheostatics is pretty good, too.

    @SAShepherd: No worries. :)

  11. SAShepherd

    @Barry White Stripes, Office LW: No, there are never any Phoenix shows. For this or anything else.

    @NeverEnough: Their new CD is actually quite good. Or, rather, it’s basically the CD that all the people who loved Gordon but basically tuned out after, you know, they stopped being wacky have wanted since, well Gordon.

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