Little Ladies Love Cool (Clothing By) James? Not Exactly.

May 28th, 2008 // 1 Comment

theyrejinglingbaby.jpgWhen I read that LL Cool J was designing a line of clothing for children, I thought that was a little strange. But then again, the last few albums haven’t done terribly well, so why not? You can’t fault a squirrel from trying to get a nut. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it seems. The NME got confused over the word “juniors”, which in American clothing parlance refers largely to adult women, but in Brit speak is best known for appearing after the word “S Club”.

Good thing too, because I was a little confused by the following quote when I still thought he was making clothes for kids:

I was raised by a matriarch, I have a wife and three daughters, so I know what women are looking for when they shop for clothes. Clothes have to make a woman feel good, relaxed and sexy. We are going to be constantly looking at fine-tuning the fit and we’ll get it right.

The clothes will be exclusive to Sears stores, which is a bit depressing, but, ladies, if you’re looking for a jacket that looks like it has tattoos on the sleeves or a t-shirt with classic LL lyrics on the front, Sears is the place to be. Turn left at the tool section, and walk past the Jaclyn Smith collection, and you should be able to find LL’s merch.

LL Cool J To Design Kids Clothing [NME]
LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl [YouTube]


  1. alec_baldwin

    So, is he or is he not going to be designing dresses?

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