Ace Frehley Plans “Spectacular” Post-Show Meet And Greets

May 28th, 2008 // 3 Comments

AP770216080.jpgEarly this morning, I thought that posting about this would be indicative of a very slow news day. And while it is, I’ve realized just how unbelievably awesome it is that Ace Frehley has canceled planned meet-and-greets following shows on his European tour because he has “ideas which would make such meetings spectacular,” and they need time to blossom. What popped in his head? “It’s just not right to do this without my Kiss outfit on?” “If I can’t meet and greet with lasers coming out of my hands while strapped to a harness, there’s no point to this at all?” Did he hear how many people turned up in Helsinki to see the guy who wears his make up now and get jealous? What exactly does he have to do to “perfect these meet-and-greets?” The mind boggles!

“As you know, we’ve been experimenting, as have other performers, with the idea of meeting and greeting my fans at the end of a concert.

“A few days ago [on May 22], we had such a meet-and-greet at my show in Nashville. While it was a good event, upon reflection, I have ideas which would make such meetings spectacular. I want this to be an incredible experience for my fans.

“Until I have time to perfect these meet-and-greets, I have decided not to have any on this European tour.

“I hope to have this in place by my next European tour. In the meantime, I hope to see all of you at my scheduled tour dates, which remain unchanged.”

Shock me, Ace!

Ace Frehley Scraps Planned Fan Meet-And-Greets [Blabbermouth]
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  1. Mick Kraut

    Ace showing up conscious and coherent likely qualifies as spectacular…

  2. Jay-C

    I guess that “Who Wants To Prop Ace Up With A Broom?” contest wasn’t as successful as they thought it would be…

  3. The Gigante

    Ace can tour solo? Like people buy tickets?

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