Rick Ross Makes A Summer Jam With Pharrell? Whuh?

May 29th, 2008 // Comment

AP070310034965.jpgARTIST: Rick Ross
SONG TITLE: “Get Down (feat. Pharrell)”
WEB DEBUT: May 27, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: A new Rick Ross track? Less than six months since the release of Trilla? Are we sure this is Rick Ross? The lyrics are his usual dick-grabbing swill, but riding Pharrell’s beat, it’s as easy to ignore Ross’ nonsense as it is to ignore Flo Rida’s. In fact, as Flo Rida has yet to realize a single with Pharrell, I’m going to pretend this is exactly that. Because if I admit that Rick Ross is capable of not sinking a fun track, I might have to admit that he’s not leaving the pop charts any time soon.

WHERE TO HEAR IT: Nah Right, 2DopeBoyz, YouTube, etc.

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