Mariah Carey Brings Her Butterflies And Rainbows (And Some Inappropriate Footwear) To The Baseball Diamond

May 29th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Perhaps she should have asked one of the mascots for help, or at least some shoes that wouldn’t cause the grounds crew to have to engage in some emergency hole-filling. [YouTube via Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul]

  1. Reidicus

    Wow, and Mariah singlehandedly breathes life into the tired, sexist “throws like a girl” trope. Way to go!

  2. GhostOfDuane

    She doesn’t throw like a girl; she throws like a diva. Would you expect anything less?

  3. Maura Johnston

    I’m just waiting for someone to make an Aaron Heilman joke.

  4. Anonymous

    Commenting on Mariah’s atrocious wardrobe is like commenting on Madonna’s atrocious catalog of music.

    Like, duhhhh

  5. Tauwan


    Whoa, tell us how you really feel?

    But seriously, she looks like a live action Bratz Doll. Not a good look Mariah, not a good look at all.

    Nick, come get ya girl!

  6. Anonymous

    Derek Jeter taught her how to throw.

  7. el smrtmnky

    Whoreyjuku, indeed.

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