Nick Cave Still Wants To Be Bronzed On A Pony

AP060213031226.jpgNick Cave is raising money to have a semi-nude bronze statue of himself riding a horse erected (huh huh, huh huh) in his hometown of Warracknabeal, Australia. Cave’s been talking about this project since 2001, but a recent interview with Q finds Cave surer than ever in his quest, and set on raising the $60,000 it would require. “I’m not going to pretend it’s not satisfying in some ways. But there’s a lot of work to do yet.” Judging by the fact that he’s still talking about this a couple years on, following an increase in movie gigs, album sales, a Nick Cave exhibition at the Melbourne Arts Centre and an honorary degree from his alma mater, I’m guessing he’ll eventually get his wish.

“We were going to make [the statue] in England,” Cave said, “ship it to Australia, put it on the back of a truck, and dump it in my home town, which is an extremely small, ultra-conservative place.

It’s now been turned into a rehousing town for ex-cons who want to go straight, only nobody has gone straight, and it’s turned into this strange, lawless place. If they don’t accept it, we were just going to drive out to the desert and dump it somewhere, Planet of the Apes-style.”

If they do get his naked torso on a metal horse (dude, why not be really bad-ass and construct a centaur?), I’m hoping they’ll model it after Birthday Party Cave, rather than the balding, mustachioed cowboy look of today.

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