Courtney Love Tries To Break Alt-Rock Stranglehold On Female Bass Players

May 30th, 2008 // Comment

courrrrrrt.jpgAfter lots of delays, Courtney Love is seemingly ready to start rehearsing for the recording of her new album and its subsequent tour. But she needs a bass player, and so she’s turned her MySpace blog into her own personal Craigslist because the dude she wanted originally, who, uh, worked with Plant/Page, is currently on tour with Goldfrapp. Are you that man? I ask if you’re that man because she doesn’t want a chick bass player for reasons that she’s keeping secret. (I’m hoping that it has something to do with the way the “chick bassist” went from trope to joke during the last decade’s alt-rock boom of 10 years ago, but I fully expect to be disappointed.) If you feel like applying, the ad–complete with suggested musical influences–is after the jump!

we dont care if your from Iceland, if we can listen to you play and PLAY BRILLIANTLY well fly you in from anywhere! hurry! an dont be shy, someone will get back to you )( named Chris) IF your at the level we NEED!!!!!
GO LISTEN to ZEPPELIN 2 and 3 and Verve “Urban Hymms” and Blood On The Tracks and dare i say it Nevermind, and the Sp early early Gish nineties song “Rhinocerus” wich has the most pinpointed perfect dynamics EVER and if you can compete with THAT bunch get back to us asap!

Nevermind, huh? I guess Krist Novoselic is too busy reviewing R.E.M. albums to apply. But any excuse to post “Rhinoceros” is OK by me:

BASSIST PLEASE! [Courtney Love's MySpace Blog]
Smashing Pumpkins – Rhinoceros [YouTube]

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